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Beginners - New Starters

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The first lesson is Free. We recommend you try a free lesson before you decide if Taekwondo is the right choice for you.

You need no previous experience of taekwondo to be able to join in. Come along in loose exercise clothing, a bottle of water and a willingness to particpiate and we'll help you with the rest.

If you have any questions about your first few lessons feel free to ask. Your first class is free and after that we can provide you with information on how to join if you wish to do so.

Leg Techniques

Body Conditioning

Hand Techniques

Fundamental kicks.
Spinning kicks.
Jumping kicks.
Combination kicks.
Double leg kicks.
Pressure point kicking.
Specialty kicking.

Closed and open hand striking methods: including palm, fist, wrist, finger striking.
Striking with arm and shoulder.
Blocking and sparrying.

Overall stretching and flexibility training.
Cardiovascular conditioning.
Muscle toning.
Ligament and tendon strengthening.
Joint flexibility and bone conditioning.

Today I will DO what others WONT
So tomorrow I can do what others CANT


Wednesday 7:30-8:30
St Peters Community Hall
The Willows, Stevenage,
Hertfordshire SG2 8AN, UK
Free Taekwondo lesson for new starters.
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Children Classes.... more info

Saturdays 11:30-12:30
Chells Manor Community Centre
12 Emperorís Gate, Stevenage
Hertfordshire SG2 7QX, UK